Cannabis advocates celebrate 4/20, push for progress| Fox 5 Las Vegas

Officials with the Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association said they are working with the state to make the process more convenient for patients.

As it stands, patients interested in a medical marijuana card must go through an extensive process including a notarized note from a doctor explaining the purpose of the treatment. Additionally, patients must undergo a background check.

Advocates are now pushing to make the entire application available online.

“We’ll have cancer patients who are on chemotherapy and right away they need a card because they need something to offset the nausea and lack of appetite or even the pain,” said John Laub, president of the Medical Marijuana Association. “If it takes a month or two, you’re really missing a window of opportunity to help people.”

The state has updated its process to allow people to request applications online. They are working toward moving the entire application in the same direction.

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