45 Days Until Rec Licenses Are Due, Planet 13 in the News,

by Jul 24, 2018Industry News

45 Days Until Rec License Apps are Due (Sept 7-20)

There are approximately 32 rec licenses up for grabs. The criteria requires that one has to be an approved marijuana entity which opens it up to cultivation, production and current dispensaries. Every dispensary will want another dispensary, but it’s also likely that some cultivation/production entities will also get a dispensary. To take a shot will cost $5,000 and the cost of a consultant. (Consultants are recommended to improve your chances.)

Certain questions to ask:
Should you bring on partners?
Do you have enough diversity in ownership and/or employees?
Do you have enough money in the bank?
Do you have dispensary experience?
Can you find someone with experience?
Do you have a proposed location?
Should you look at several jurisdictions?
What other things should we do to increase our chances? For More Information.

Planet 13 Shows Progress at New Location to Media

Bob Groesbeck & Larry Scheffler, Co-CEOs of Planet 13 along with County Commissioner Steve Sisolak and State Senator Tick Segerblom spoke at the unveiling of Planet 13’s new dispensary at 2548 W Desert Inn. The superstore is scheduled to be open on Nov 1. As reported by the Review Journal, the company is investing at least $7.5 million. Its first phase will include 16,500 sq ft of retail space with at least 45 registers. It will also have 13 15-foot-tall lotus flowers on the roof and a spherical fountain in front. The dispensary will have be a sensory-activated floor with lights that move as visitors walk and aerial orbs. Visitors will be able to draw with lasers on a wall and watch 3D projections. “We want to out-Vegas Vegas,” Bob said. Tick said,”It’s Amsterdam on Steroids times 10!” As Bob said at the LVMMA meeting, this beast is going to need a lot of products to sell. Information.