Grow Lights are like Tanning Beds-Be Protected, Colorado Has Big Outdoor MJ Farms, Tripp No Longer at Dixie & Special Needs Mag to Highlight Cannabis

by Feb 13, 2018Industry News

NJ Legislators Came, Saw & Liked What They Saw

As reported by the RJ, the New Jersey legislators saw that marijuana can be “safe & clean.” New Jersey is in a hurry to catch up after their previous governor stopped marijuana expansion.

Working Under Grow Lights is Like Under a Tanning Bed

Tanning bed lights, which operate between 100-400 watts, while grow lights are on average between 300-1,000 watts and can go higher. The average tanning bed produces approximately the same amount of UVB light as the sun and upwards of three times the amount of UVA light (source: Harvard Medical School). Indoor UV lighting operates in a similar fashion in regards to increasing UV bursts to maximize biological responses. While the desired goal is a biological response from plants, any biological entity will also be affected (i.e. human body). When working in indoor facilities you increase the UV radiation one is exposed to due to the concentrated bursts in confined spaces. This causes faster mutations as the ultraviolet light changes your skin and body on a molecular level, thereby altering the configuration of your DNA. With the average grow light producing exponentially more wattage than a tanning bed, it is imperative that those working under these conditions have the necessary protection provided to them to ensure a healthier future, and greatly reduce the harmful cancerous effects. Info from UVPPE

Mother Say Marijuana a “Game Changer” for Autism

Channel 13 recently had reported on a family using marijuana to treat their son’s autism. Abigail Dar’s son, Yuval, is 24-years-old and is severely autistic. Dar was giving her autistic son higher and higher doses of pharmaceuticals to control his anxiety and aggressiveness. She decided that there had to be something better. Because she lives in Israel, she could try marijuana. “I gave him his first dose and it was a miracle,” she remembered. Yuval became calmer, less anxious, more attentive. “It’s a game changer; it gave us quality of life.”

Big Farms Should Concern the Industry

At the NICA meeting in Denver, the people from Arizona were worried about the day when marijuana is legalized nationally and marijuana comes from California, Oregon, Washington or Colorado.

In Pueblo County in Colorado, now known as the Napa Valley of Cannabis, has over 3 million square foot of outdoor recreational pot farms. Farm raised marijuana can lower costs from an average wholesale price per gram of $2 to a range from 25¢ to 50¢ per gram according to Curt Livesay, certified crop adviser and owner of Dynamite Ag. Outdoor farming can have problems with cross-pollination from male plants. The biggest challenge might be passing pesticide tests. Strict lab testing could be the barrier to entry from the challenge of big farming. Link